Conditions Treated at Hypnotherapy Islington

You can get help for many problems. These include the following, although there are more that are not mentioned below. If you want to find out more about them, you can click on some of these conditions. This is limited at the moment but I am compiling new information which will be available soon.

Some issues respond to just one hypnotherapy session.  This includes the  Stop Smoking session which has proven to be successful as a one-off session.  A hypnosis recording is provided as backup.   Other examples could be a session to prepare for a  speech at a wedding or other occasion or any stand-alone situation which needs extra confidence to perform it well such as a  Boardroom Presentation or interview for a job.

Confidence and self esteem are best served by at least two or three sessions although they will be positively affected by just one session.  More sessions enable the suggestions to be thoroughly accepted by the subconscious mind plus various techniques can be taught so that confidence is felt easily.  Hypnosis recordings are provided.  The same goes for conditions such as Fear of Flying.  However, since this fear can be the result of deeper underlying issues such as claustrophobia, fear of heights, control issues etc.,  a course of  Hypnoanalysis may be recommended.  This is a thorough way of getting to the root of your problems and letting them go forever.

Please consult your GP about any physical problems before commencing a course of hypnotherapy

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