Do you suffer from a phobia? Would you like to be free of your phobia? If so, read on ……

Many people experience phobias and they can have a really strong negative impact on the person. It means, to many people, that they avoid places and situations where they may come into contact with the trigger for their phobia. Sometimes phobias are learned from our parents or close family members and sometimes we put a negative emotional charge on something for other reasons.

These reasons can have nothing to do with the phobia itself. That is why I suggest using a course of Hypnoanalysis to treat the underlying cause of the phobia. Without doing this, the phobia may go away with suggestion therapy but something else may replace it later on.

However, there are NLP and Hypnotherapy techniques that can be used to eliminate a phobia and also Integral Eye Movement Therapy and Emotional Freedom Techniques to help eliminate flashbacks to bad memories and experiences.  You will still remember the events that may have caused your phobia but they won’t disturb you any more and you won’t be bothered by the phobic reaction anymore either.

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