Public Speaking


Whether you need more confidence for a

  • works presentation,
  • staff room meeting,
  • courtroom appearance,
  • speech at a wedding,
  • theatre performance
  • any other public performance situation

Hypnotherapy suggestions will enable you to actually look forward to the event with rising anticipation and excitement …

Whatever situation you need extra confidence for, hypnotherapy suggestions and visualization can help you to overcome any previous problems that you may have had in relation to speaking in public.

Many people experience real panic when faced with speaking in public. It can often be traced back to a time earlier in their life when they failed to make the right impression and when they felt embarrassed by a perceived failure of some kind. Maybe they froze and forgot their lines when taking part in a school play or when asked to do something in class in front of the other pupils. The subconscious mind remembers these occasions and tries to protect us from feeling that way again. Unfortunately, we no longer need this ‘protection’ or the feelings we get when the subconscious mind decides to give us a panic attack of some sort!

Hypnotherapy suggestions will reprogramme your subconscious mind so that it no longer causes panic but instead, allows you to feel excitement and growing anticipation about a public speaking event.

Not only this, but hypnotherapy will allow you to stand up to make that speech and feel perfectly calm and happy to do so.

I would suggest at least two sessions would be sufficient in most cases unless there are underlying emotional issues that need to be addressed in a longer therapy situation. The last session to take place just before the public speaking event takes place.

I can provide you with a hypnosis recording to listen to between sessions and, of course, after your last session if you still need it.