Reiki Healing

What is Reiki?

Reiki is Universal life-force Energy. It is the light that can be seen around all living things as in the aura around our bodies and can be seen in kirlean photograph both around us and around all living things such as animals, insects, leaves and flowers. When we get ill our life force energy is depleted and Reiki can be used to give a boost of this life-force energy. Reiki is great for stress and anxiety and has the uncanny ability to help the person to realize the changes that are needed in their lives. As well as this, Reiki gives them the helping hand they need to make those changes.

reiki_handsReiki is similar to Spiritual Healing. However, unlike spiritual healing, Reiki can be used by anyone once a Reiki Master has attuned you to the energy. Reiki is drawn in through the healer’s crown and when it has been strengthened in the Dantien or Tanden is then directed out of the body usually via the palms of the hands.

Origins of Reiki

The founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui, was in the habit of spending periods of time in meditation and during one of these long meditations on a mountain in Japan he was attuned to the healing energy that was later called Reiki. At first, he used the energies with the other Buddhist monks for self empowerment. They didn’t have symbols for the energies but used sounds called kotodama which represented the different healing energies … for physical, emotional/mental and spiritual healing. Later on, symbols were introduced into the Reiki System of Healing so that people who either found it difficult to work with the energies or who did not want to spend years meditating on the energies, were given this extra tool to help them.

Reiki at Heart and Spirit Reiki – healing for the heart and spirit

Here at Hypnotherapy Islington, you can have a Reiki healing treatment and also the option to learn Reiki for yourself in workshops run by myself.  Using Reiki can be an empowering experience when used for self-healing. Meditating with the energies, learning self-healing techniques and learning to merge with the healing energies can bring peace and fulfilment and aid the student in her life’s goals and aspirations and, of course, in her own self-healing journey.

Whether you come for Reiki treatments or learn Reiki for yourself at one of my workshops you will find Reiki to be a wonderful stress buster and aid on your life path. Reiki can provide the extra energy needed for people to overcome various diseases and conditions but a Reiki Practitioner does not diagnose but treats the whole person and not any particular disease. Reiki is a spiritual practice that is not aligned to any religion. After attunement / empowerment to the energies of Reiki, most people find it much easier to meditate and therefore they become more calm and confident.

I have been running classes in all levels of Usui Reiki since 2009 – my Reiki website is  The classes are either one to one or two maximum. You will get a lot of individual attention and the class is very relaxing and healing. If this is something that interests you please do get in touch to arrange your Reiki workshop.



Testimonials from Clients:

Dear Sally,

I am writing to you to thank you for your help with my numerous ailments, one of them being Huntington’s disease which affects my body clock, fatigue, sleep pattern and decision making capacity.

As this is not known by a lot of people I am trying to bring awareness that Reiki helps me and it might help others.

The reiki you have been doing for me has improved my sleeping and my energy. My family and carers see a big difference in me and it is so good to have a lot more energy, so thank you very much Sally. You have a very down to earth attitude as well as highly trained awareness.

Your CD’s are very helpful too.

I would recommend you to anyone who asks and even those who don’t.

A very big thank you.


Testimonials from Students:

Sally was a gentle teacher and ideal person to introduce me to reiki. The warm and personal atmosphere of her home treatment room was the perfect setting for exploring reiki for the first time. I didn’t know what to expect and had never even received a reiki treatment before so was surprised at how powerful and pronounced the sensations were both during the reiju empowerments and the treatments. It was also incredible to be able to feel energy fields – both my own physical and emotional ones – and Sally’s – properly for the first time. Just think after 29 years of life I am feeling them for the first time but they’ve always been there! The day also illuminated me as to how pleasant and rejuvenating it is to give, as well as receive reiki treatments. I thought I would feel drained after giving an hours treatment but I felt peaceful and serene. The day proved to me anyone can benefit from reiki and connect to it in some form – an exciting possibility and a perfect entry point to developing your true potential in areas everyday society and life doesn’t encourage us to explore. I think I floated home.”

Sarah Bentley, Writer, East London

“I’m more scientific than faith based and felt rather sceptical of Reiki, but when my life was falling apart and I was hurt and desperate, I tried various healing therapies including Reiki and I took Reiki 1/Shoden with Sally Beautista. As much as I didn’t really believe some special energy was there, when Sally attuned me I was blown away with how, and how much, I felt – heady and dizzy initially and then moving into a deep meditative state. Since that day I’ve found I go into meditation more quickly and easily. When I did second level/Okuden, I loved the chanting and was surprised to find I could distinguish between energies/vibrations we created – and that even makes scientific sense. Sally made everything flow; she knows how to set an environment and the tones to both relax and energize you and she shared lots of resources which continue to support me. I’m still a sceptical person and I don’t really understand energy, but there’s no doubt in my mind that something’s real in what Sally does and she’s, well, powerful. And now I’m sending distant healings to friends and having more amazing experiences. Thank you Sally, you are definitely a Healer!”

Jackie ‎ – 7 Jan 2012

“I have had the calling, after many years of waiting. I had a life threatening experience and I thought it was time to indulge in my quest. I was very fortunate to come across Sally’s website. After speaking to her I booked the 1st level in Reiki. On completion of this 1st level I felt that my life was making sense. Sally made me feel very relaxed and special, I left her place feeling at peace and full of knowledge.
I have now completed the 2nd level and I am going from strength to strength. I am now more confident then I have been in a long time.
I intend to complete my Reiki master with Sally and hopefully i will be enlightened by this experience. I would recommend Sally to anyone following the path I have.”

Jyotsna – 17 Feb 2012

“I have always been known to be a spiritual person and for this reason, even in the hardest of times, I have tried to conquer obstacles with a more peace of mind. When I discovered Reiki through Sally Beautista, I started to feel more elevated spiritually like never before. In time, I found myself dealing with unexpected issues with more strength and confidence. I feel more in control of my life and can face situations with more ease and harmony, especially in regards to anything emotional and mental. There is a beautiful power to Reiki healing that once I became attuned to it, I found myself feeling fresh and more relaxed about situations that would really give me stress before I discovered Reiki Shoden with Sally. I am highly grateful to her for introducing me to this amazing energy that has become a large part of my life.”

Naz Astrologer/Numerologist/Reiki student 20.2.12.

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