Stop Smoking


It’s All in the Mind!

If you are ready to stop smoking but wonder how on earth you will be able to do so, I offer a session of hypnotherapy for smoking cessation that will allow you to stop smoking immediately with reduced cravings and, in some cases, very few cravings at all.

The session lasts about an hour and a half to 2 hours and I provide a hypnosis recording as backup. This can be used in the first couple of weeks after your session. You will also be given suggestions to eat healthily.

We all know how unhealthy it is to smoke tobacco and, nowadays especially, smokers cannot smoke in public buildings and so they have to smoke outside in all weathers. I have learned from many smokers that they feel embarrassed by their habit and some keep it secret from their work colleagues and sometimes from family members too.

If you want to leave all that behind and feel comfortable in your own skin without the need to smoke, please get in touch for your Stop Smoking session.

The cost for your Stop Smoking session is £197.00 (including hypnosis recording) and look how much you will be saving in the long run.

For example: 20 cigarettes cost an average of £8.74

20 x 7 days = £ 61.18

Four Weeks = £244.72

One Year = £3,181.36

See how much you will save! After one year you have saved £2,984.36!

Just think of the wonderful things you will be able to do when you have all that extra money. Plus, you will feel so much fitter and healthier and you will smell much nicer too!

If you have a smoking related disease and would like to give up smoking, I offer an extra session for only £20 prior to the main session mentioned above. This session includes visualizations for good health and a primer for stopping smoking. Please mention this when you book your session so that we can schedule two appointments. The full sum of £217.00 to be paid at the first session.

If this sounds good to you … CALL ME (Sally)  07793743493 to book your Stop Smoking Session.

Or Email me at to make an appointment