Hypnotherapy & Hypnoanalysis

About Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a very safe and effective way to enable you to make changes in your life. The state of hypnosis is simply a state of complete relaxation. This is a state that we normally experience everyday when we are just about to wake up in the morning and just as we fall asleep at night; that wonderful relaxed state when we daydream or when we are reading an interesting book. During hypnosis we are completely in control and  able to distinguish between suggestions we want to accept and those that we do not agree with.

Since the session is for your benefit you will find that all the suggestions are those you want to hear.

You can never be stuck in hypnosis. You will be taught how to use self-hypnosis if you wish and will learn how easy it is to bring yourself out of hypnosis at any point.

So how does Hypnotherapy work ?

During hypnosis your subconscious mind is open to the suggestions that it hears. Your conscious mind is bypassed in this process and so the processes that normally stop you making desired changes are also bypassed allowing you to accept new and beneficial suggestions for change.

What happens in Hypnoanalysis ?

Many times our problems stem from experiences in childhood. Those experiences are often forgotten by our conscious minds but circumstances and events in our adult lives can trigger their influence on us.
When this happens it can give us a problem that interferes with the smooth running of our lives and this can be resolved by Regression and Analysis using Free Association also known as Hypnoanalysis. This type of therapy can last from 10 – 12 sessions (and sometimes more) and would normally take place on a weekly basis.
It involves a gentle return to memories of childhood that, from an adult perspective, are not the scary stuff we may have experienced at the time.

Hypnoanalysis is like a mental and emotional detox!                                      Feng-Shui for the mind!

Once childhood issues have been uncovered and experienced from an adult perspective, sometimes with an element of emotional release, problems are usually resolved and those issues no longer restrict the wellbeing of the client allowing him/her to experience life with a renewed vigour and enthusiasm.

I cannot recommend this therapy highly enough. I see clients who, on the first week, say that their problems seem to be insurmountable and they are looking for someone to help them find solutions to their issues and guide them towards wellness. By week 10 or 12 (depending on issues etc.) this same client is finding it hard to remember what problems they had when they first came to see me. They are feeling really positive and well and their previous symptoms have vanished.

With Hypnotherapy and Hypnoanalysis you can:

Let go of negative feelings and emotions.

Release fears and anxieties that have been holding you down.

Allow yourself to become a clearer, calmer, happier and more confident YOU


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